Lauryn (July 11-17, 2016)

Lauryn is a loving, spirited and compassionate 10 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a strong and independent young lady who has definitely found her passion!  From the age of 5 she told her parents that she wanted to be a model and a part of the fashion world.  It was not until she was 9 that her parents allowed her to start her first modeling classes.  She has been modeling just over a year and has loved every opportunity that has been given to her! Lauryn has been active in modeling in Ohio as well as traveling to Texas, Michigan, Illinois and soon to Baltimore. Traveling more is definitely on top of her list! As a signed model and actress with MTM agency in Cincinnati, she has received training in both.
In addition to her aspirations to be a model and actress, Lauryn is an “A” student who loves history and reading.  She also loves running, soccer and basketball.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing and growing her own vegetable garden. She has played the viola but recently decided she would like to start singing and be part of her school choir. She looks forward to traveling to more exciting places and meeting more people.  When she grows up she would love to be similar to the reigning Miss USA.  She would like to have a military career and have a law career. She definitely has high aspirations!
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