Gabrielle July 4-10

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Gabrielle Rose is an 11 year old model and pageant queen.  She started competing in pageants at the age of 9, with the goal of overcoming some shyness.  And so she did!  And has exceeded above and beyond!  Gabrielle won her first preliminary pageant with the Our Little Miss system, earning the title of Miss Capital City, Baton Rouge.  This advanced her to the State level where she also competed and won the title of Miss Louisiana’s Universal Beauty!  Moving forward, she then competed in the Our Little Miss World pageant, where she won the title of Mini Queen!  She continued to compete in state and local pageants and currently reigns and holds the title of the 128th Deb Miss Tangipahoa Parish Queen, representing her local parish.  She overcame.  The goal was accomplished.  But she did not know that this was only the beginning.  From the moment she received her sparkly, bright crown, she chose to use it as a symbol to represent the light of the Lord, and promote kindness to all those she encountered.  In any and all industries!
     Gabrielle found that she loved being on stage, whether competing or not.  And because of her titles and experience on the pageant stage, she was invited to walk for New Orleans Fashion Week.  It was her first time on the runway!  Even though different from pageantry, she learned very quickly and made the necessary adjustments to rock the runway!  Her modeling career then took off!  It was the beginning of something new!  Since then Gabrielle was invited to walk for numerous designers and boutiques in several different fashion shows!  Live Out Loud Charity event in Chicago was her second show, and first big show away from home.  She met some wonderful designers, photographers, mentors, and plenty of new friends!  That is Gabrielle’s favorite part of modeling-making new friends.  She has definitely made some lifelong friends and seems to make a mark wherever she goes.   
     Doors opened.  Since then, she has participated and competed in others shows such as South Mississippi Fashion Week, Baton Rouge Fashion Week, Coastal Fashion Week, Posh Society Fashion Show, and Le Reve Elite Super Model of the Year, where she won an Overall Top Model award! Next goal…..accepting the several invites to walk in New York and LA!
      Gabrielle has also been published in several model magazines.  The camera loves her!  This once shy little diva has come to know herself-on the stage, in front of the camera, on the runway, and also come to know her role as a great friend.  She does not participate in drama and is a no nonsense kind of kid!  Her confidence, beauty, poise, intelligence, creativity, and heart has all matured and blossomed into a beautiful, kind, graceful, and humble little fashionista.  She overcame.
     In addition to modeling and pageantry, Gabrielle has been competing in Cheer and Tumbling for a year now.  She works really hard.  She is an athlete by nature and is very dedicated to her sport.  She is very disciplined and takes direction well-a major asset in the fashion industry, too!  To take it a step further, the runway and pageant stage has also given Gabrielle the confidence on the performance stage!  She overcame.
     Since Gabrielle is still considered a newbie, she is working on developing her platform.  It was an honor to walk for the LOLC Fashion Show promoting anti-bullying and core character development, and suicide prevention.  Having had been bullied herself, it was a special, proud moment.  However, Gabrielle was also chosen by the amazing Patricia Sharma to model a special dress to represent the Graves disease and pay tribute to Sabre, a victim and beautiful model herself, to raise awareness of the autoimmune diseases.  This was another huge honor and a very grateful moment for Gabrielle! But when asked, Gabrielle says she wants to help the animals!  She loves and adores them.  Some call her the animal whisperer.  Her golden heart has a compassion for all living creatures.  She believes God has called her to take care of the animals.  But all we know for sure is that no matter which way her new little career takes her, she will perform proudly with dignity, grace, humility, love, and kindness.  That is a given.  She will continue to spread God’s light and be a joy in the lives of all those who come into her path.